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NUK First Choice Perfect Start Temperature Control Set
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NUK First Choice Perfect Start Temperature Control Set

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The NUK First Choice+ Perfect Start Set offers the optimal basic equipment for a relaxed start and comes with two 150ml and two 300ml NUK First Choice+ baby bottles made of polyamide with temperature control display.
The set is rounded off by two additional NUK First Choice+ silicone teats, an orthodontic NUK Genius silicone soother with soother box, a leak-proof screw cap and a practical NUK bottle brush. That way, you and your baby are perfectly equipped right from the start!
Relaxed and safe feeding thanks to NUK Temperature Control This is a function that has never existed in this way before. To prevent babies from being fed too hot, the bottles are provided with the NUK Temperature Control display. It has the shape of a thermometer and changes colour with the temperature of the contents of the bottle. In the future, this function will help parents to reach the optimal temperature when feeding baby food.
If the food is too hot, the display, which is usually blue, turns white.
At best, the food for feeding should be at body temperature (37 ° C) and should correspond to the middle shade of blue on the display. Important: NUK Temperature Control is intended as an additional control. Therefore, the temperature should still be checked manually before the actual feeding. To check the food, it is suitable to put a few drops on the inside of the wrist.
The most natural drinking teat for your baby NUK First Choice has been the first choice for bottle feeding along the lines of breastfeeding for many years. With NUK First Choice+ we have managed to get even closer to nature – for healthy jaw development and a feeling of drinking like on mom's breast. Natural and orthodontic The special NUK shape of the NUK teats is modelled on the mother's breast when breastfeeding. It leaves your baby's tongue and jaw plenty of room for natural suction movement. As soft as mom's breast Thanks to the soft zone, the silicone part adapts even better to the palate – for a natural drinking sensation.
The Anti-Colic Air System ensures a natural flow of food. So that babies can drink in a relaxed way without swallowing air. Clinically tested* Due to its particularly natural shape, the NUK drinking teat is well accepted by infants. It is therefore also suitable for babies who are both breastfed and bottle fed.
NUK Open & Close Screw Cap - open and close with just one twist The closure system replaces the usual closure disc and offers you a lot of relief in everyday life with your baby: Simply twist the screw cap between the NUK First Choice baby bottle and the teat screw ring and you’re done.
Gentle cleaning - the NUK bottle brush 2in1 The NUK bottle brush 2in1 was specially developed for cleaning baby bottles and teats. Thanks to the dimensionally stable bristles, it cleans particularly thoroughly. The ergonomic handle with small built-in suction brush enables a stronger cleaning pressure and optimal handling.
The NUK Genius silicone soother My First NUK Babies love their soother! With the popular NUK Genius silicone soother, we have turned to nature once again to find inspiration to guarantee a natural sucking sensation for your baby: The original, orthodontic NUK shape is modelled on the mother's breast when breastfeeding and reduces the risk of malposition of teeth and jaw. The extra flat sucking part ensures a natural suction movement. Thanks to the smooth transition from the teat’s neck to the sucking part, the soother feels particularly familiar and natural to the baby.
2 additional NUK First Choice + silicone teats 0-6 months M (milk)
1x NUK Open & Close screw cap and
1x NUK bottle brush 2in1
1x NUK Genius silicone soother
"My First NUK", 0-6 months with soother box
Appealing NUK gift box with viewing panel
Made in Germany
NUK First Choice + Perfect Start Set - the all-round carefree set for a relaxed start

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